Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sorry this is late- from last week!


Oi família linda! Tudo ótimo?



Well, I don´t think I´ve ever worked so hard, and the best thing is that we can do much more still! We were able to baptize again - his name´s Gabriel, and he was almost baptized a while ago with Elder Lott, but his mom didn´t let him get baptized. Now, however, his mom is starting to see that the church really is a good place for her son and, even though she doesn´t agree that the church is true, she let him get baptized.

So many things happened while we were doing contacts this week. Needless to say, I can´t write about all of it, but I´ll write a list:

- we saw a crazy shirtless guy running down the middle of the street screaming like a bird, last week and then today. He´s crazy.

- we talked to some less-active people that, um, use crack. We invited them to stop, and they said they´d try (I hate that one)

- we talked to a guy that kinda looked possessed by unclean spirits. When we started talking to him, he hocked up an enormous loogie and spit it at our feet. So, we got his address. We didn´t go by, because we both felt that he was "trippin´, yo".

- we talked to many people at just the right moment and they were ready to receive us and be baptized! On Sunday, it was raining a lot and a lot of the investigators that we had invited and made plans to come to church didn´t come. We left lunch, and it would´ve been very easy to not work as hard during the day, but we decided to talk to everyone. We were walking without umbrellas and a guy walked over to us and offered his, and we walked and talked. His name´s Alex, and as we talked, we introduced the BOM. He accepted it, and he accepted a baptismal date for the 27th! Then we talked to Ramon, 5 minutes later. He lives in another area, but we got his info and marked a date with him too! Later, in the downtown Paranaguá, we talked to a guy named Sandro. He was in a hurry, but we stopped and he stopped and 5 minutes later he was walking away with a BOM - he said "I´ve always wanted one of these books!" He lives far away, where there aren´t any missionaries, but it´ll be a good read (the best read). Yesterday, we talked to a lady from the Jehovah´s Witnesses, and she said she had a lot of doubts about her church (understandably),and so we invited her to be baptized - she said yes! We´ll baptize a TJ (Testemunho de Jeová)! Then, another guy who has been thinking a lot about his life and what God want him to do, etc. (Héliton) - he´ll be baptized on the 27th as well!


We also had a mission tour with an area 70 - Elder Natã Tobias. It was great - we all woke up at 4:00 and went to Curitiba to receive a special training, and it was great! He lead us through a training of the First lesson from PMG - about the Restoration. My comp. and I were chosen to give a demonstration and though we were nervous, we had practiced and the Spirit was there. It was great to know that something we´re doing is going well! Everything we´ve been doing recently has been focused on baptizing more people, and we´re going to do it.


I can´t believe that I´m going to be removing my nametag in less than a month. But one thing´s for sure: I will always be a missionary, and I will always do my best to represent Jesus Christ.

I know that He lives and that even with our many problems and shortcomings, we can be made clean through His Atonement. He lives. The Book of Mormon is a masterpiece created by God. The church and the Gospel were restored - we must share this with everyone!




Elder Brown

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