Thursday, August 25, 2011

missionary WORK

I somehow missed forwarding this last week!


Hey everyone, 



I´ve never felt the way I feel now. I feel like my body is about to spontaneously combust, because of the heat, the pace at which we´re working, the fact that next week will be my last email home...strange feelings. I´m unsure of the future and nervous that I´ll fall flat on my face as I come back from here, but I know several things, things that I have been able o learn and know here on the mission:

- Jesus is the Christ and the ONLY one who really understands all of our pains, joys and sorrows. 

- the Book of Mormon is the most corrct oef any Book ever written, even the Bible, by a longshot

- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is God´s church and was restored to the World so that all may have the opportunity to live and partake of the first principles and ordenances of the purifying Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the only church that can even begin to explain this Doctrine in a clear and simple way. 

- I am a child of a loving Father in Heaven, and if I do my best while here on the Earth to keep His commandments, then I´ll receive everything that He has and be all that He is. 

- although I have many faults and stuggle to stay worthy of this calling, I have a firm testimony of these truths. I know that I wasn´t the perfect missionary and I know that there are many things I could´ve done better and in a more effective/meaningful way, but I know that I´m doing what I can to help those around me to come a little closer to Christ, and in so doing, have come closer to Him myself. I now have a true self esteem. I can achieve goals and work like crazy to attain higher goals. I am able to look at myself in the mirror without feeling disappointed or guilty. I am able to control my desires better through planning and pure self control. Though I don´t know all the scriptures by memory I have a firmer understanding of them and am able to explain hem to others. I am more able to love the people here as we study, pray for and think about them constantly. I know how to lead people to baptism and I´ll invite anyone to repent of their sins and be baptized!


We had a great week. This week´ll be better. The next will be the best. 

I love you all and hope that you all may deserve all the blessings that God reserves for His obedient children. 

Let´s do this!


Elder Brown

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