Saturday, March 5, 2011

The crazy week

Well, it´s safe to say that I´ve learned more about faith this week than at any other point in my life. As earlier mentioned, we had a goal to baptize 35 people in one week - a lofty goal, seeing as how we didn´t have enough people to do that. But the whole Zone went to work like crazy. We taught all of 5 lessons in our own area with two investigators as we did around 40 interviews in the whole ZOne. It was really crazy but really fun to be able to see all the Elders and Sisters in their own areas, working hard. There was a companionship of Sisters, for example, that really took to heart the idea of baptizing 35 in a week. They didn´t have anyone that was ready last Sunday, and then...a family showed up and wanted to be baptized! A man got married and wanted to be baptized! They baptized 4 people! It was awesome and a great example of how faith - even a blind faith - can be powerful.


We (in our area) baptized 2 brothers - Bruno(15) and Andrew(10). They are probably the most prepared kids I´ve ever seen. They were going nuts to be baptized, and the best part is that they live right across the street from our house! We pick them up and bring them a member´s house behind our house to teach them. We did our best to teach them just like Preach My Gospel teaches - direct invitations to do something, good follow-up, helping them feel at home in the ward at church, etc. Their baptism was Sunday and they were so excited! Almost all the young men were there and we felt the Spirit real stronglike. The water was cold but it was a REALLY warm day, so it was actually refreshing. Now they´re preparing their friends to get baptized, too!


Our house is cool - we live in the basement of the Relief Society President´s house and it´s probably the easiest house ever to live in as a missionary. She washes our clothes, cleans the house on Pday, gives us food...the best. It´s easy living here. Also, every single member gives us something to eat, so I essentially drink water for a "snack" during the day so I don´t gain weight. There´s a little yard outside our house and it´s really nice at night - we can see the lights of Ponta Grossa and it´s pretty.


Another thing: last year, we had that really big musical Presentation - O Cristo Vivo. I had forgetten when I got here that I sang here last year, so when I got here everyone started asking if I could sing for them! Soooo....I sing around 3 solos a day, and I have now sung in 3sacrament meetings. Good times. At least we´re able to take advantage of our talents. Also my comp. doesn´t hhelp much - he always says, in every house, that I´ll sing a song for them. It´s been fun and the members love it. We´ll have a ward activity today and there will be lots of new people to teach there!


I love being a missionary! I love being able to help others and to be helped so much in my testimony and personal growth as well. I know that this is the true church of Christ. He leads it. He is the way and the easiest and only smart way to live. Faith is a principle of power. As you read the scriptures, pray and serve, your faith grows. Let your faith grow and give good fruits!


Love you all

Elder Brown


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