Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey! Good time!

Hi everyone,


It´s been a great week, full of hard work and dedication and stuff.

As far as what I said last week, it continues this week and we have transfers next week. It´s been a great transfer and we´ve been able to work a lot and help a lot of people. This transfer I feel that I´ve changed more than in any other, for the better. Maybe not in the way or function that I would´ve chosen, but I believe, looking back, that it was necessary for my growth. I´ve had a lot of questions going through my mind as certain situations were placed before me. It´s gotten to a certain point that I know that my patience has grown and my character has been shaped. It´s been really, really frustrating - that I can´t lie about - in certain aspects, and mainly the things I can´t really control. It seems like we walk on different wavelengths in the same reality sometimes. A few examples: I like to walk really fast, he does not. I like to plan each lesson for each person, but he seems to have a way pre-planned to baptism. He teaches well, but I feel that he doesn´t really care or pay attention while I teach, while I try my best to pray for him. I could go on, but I don´t need to pick apart his weaknesses or emphasize my strengths to make this email an effective "prestação de contas". In the end, like I mentioned last week, it´s been a mixture of trying to be an example and trying not to be "overbearing". I´ve been doing my best to love him, serve him, try to talk about things he likes and be perfectly obedient, and I´ve been able to do that. The little things that maybe he doesn´t like or won´t accept are his problem, and my advice and example can only go so far if his will isn´t there at the same level, or, as it were, on the same wavelength.


"Wavelength" has been an interesting term for me to think about recently. The only thing that we really have in common on our two wavelengths has been the Gospel. That´s what really matters. We can get along with anyone in the whole world if we have at least one thing in common - the Gospel wavelength. I know that as we strengthen our connection and understanding of this "wavelength", we will be blessed in helping others and helping ourselves. Our understanding of our own purpose will increase and we will begin to understand better why we are here, what we are doing, where we will go, why we have problems, etc. We will be happy in a genuine way. I love watching people choose the right and doing the things that will help them to be eternally happy, and at times it frustrates me a lot that not everyone wants this path. We must, however, keep trying. If we don´t, it will fall upon our own heads. 

We´re going to baptize Susi this week and Carol next week! Let´s end this transfer in the water!


Love you all - be a Nephi (or Nephietta)

Elder Brown 

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