Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tired, but excited!!!

Hi everyone!

It´s been a great week, especially with the wonderful General Conference that we had on Saturday and Sunday. Several cool things happened during conference:

- we were still able to work a lot and achieve a lot of our goals in our own area!

- we brought almost ALL of our good investigators to the conference!

- we BAPTIZED in the "intermission" (right word?) on Sunday!!!! It was awesome! The best thing ever - watch the Prophets and Apostles talk and take notes/learn, then help someone perform their first ordenance with the Lord! How cool is that?!!?! João and Lurdes were baptized. I have rarely seen people more ready to be baptized than them, and it´s been no real secret as to what we´ve done to help them be that way. It´s just Preach My Gospel! It´s all there! We´re planning better and more specifically about each person, and this has brought a greater sense of progression to our teaching and to their understanding. They understand the compromises that they make and sincerely make them (reading the BOM, going to church, etc.). We´re teaching completely without fear and apprehension, and they were so happy to be baptized. I had the privelege of baptizing them both (even though we basically exhorted them to pick on of the many members that we had brought to their homes/introduced them to to baptize them, but to no do what you can) and it was an amazing experience. Lourdes was trembling with excitement and came out of the water with a very shocked expression. I wasn´t sure if that was because of the temperature of the water (pretty darn cold) or because of the Spirit. I´m pretty sure it was both. João gave me a big hug after he was baptized, and said he felt really good. He always prays for us that we will have more people to baptized, and I know that those prayers will help us!

This week, we´re going to baptize two more men!!! Let´s go, new stake! We´re working to create a third stake in Ponta Grossa and baptizing men is going to help. Otacílio and Lourenço are soooo ready to be baptized that it´s, well, really cool! We´re also preparing 5 to 6 others for baptism this month, but we know that we can find more with the Spirit!

Love you all. I know that He lives and that the Book of Mormon is true. This is His work.

Elder Brown

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