Thursday, April 14, 2011

We gonna baptize again!

So sorry everyone…I forgot to send this!


Hello all,


I´d like to personally congratulate my sister Alison May Brown for being a rockstar, without having seen the play in which was previously participated. She, quote, "rocked people´s socks right off", close quote.


Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JULIE!!!!! 11 years old is so great! Next year is Young Womens!

And no, I didn´t forget that you´re actually 12. Sorry.


We had a great week! All the missionaries were able to teach a lot of lessons and we have several people that are preparing for baptism for this week, next week, and the next. We´re baptizing every week!


First, we have Lurdes. Elder Melo and I were going crazy on a Sunday to complete the mission standard in lessons the other week, and we saw a lady sitting outside her house with her grandson. We went over and taught her about the BOM. She mentioned that the Elders had already went to her house and that she had already learned a lot with them. We didn´t think much of it, but she promptly accepted a baptismal date for the 3rd of April! OK! We came back afterwards and she had read, prayed and receive a strong answer as to its truth. She continuallt says that she prayed to have another opportunity to receive the missionaries again, and that this is an answer to her prayers. She went to church and LOVED it - blended right in with the Relief Society. The other day (Monday) we taught almost a perfect lesson with her about the Restoration (she had already been taught that lesson beforehand, but we decided to review it again). We brought a member (Margarete Budnar) with us and we were able to listen to her problems and thoughts. The Spirit was tangible in the room, and she got very emocional and started to cry. It was a very tender moment and one that I will not forget - she has been converted and is ready to be baptized this week.


The other is João. He was being taught by the Elders in the area next to us (31 de Março) and they found out that he actually lives in our area. Our baptism! He´s a little slow, but a great man and super excited for baptism as well. He has a crazy, kind-of-retarded sister that keeps on repeating that she wants to, um, break the commandments with my companion and I. Yeah, only on the mission.


Next week, Otacílio. He´s a member´s dad and gained interest in the church after seeing his son be cured by a priesthood blessing. He´s from the same place as Elder Santana and they have a blast speaking in gírias (slang, local words) from Pernambouco. I can say that my vocabulary is growing daily as we go there (conteranho, daíapoi, pois é vizinho, etc.). He´s a very happy and simple man who doesn´t know how to read, but he´s stopped smoking and drinking coffee, and is really excited!


Also next week: Lourenço. He´s dating a member of the church (Dola) who was recently divorced. He´s a great guy and he, though he´s rather "whipped" with Dola and does whatever she says, he´s been able to receive an answer as to the truthfulness of the BOM. Yesterday we watched a movie called "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" (which is basically a pirated version of the exclusive, only-in-the-CTM movie. Funny stuff.) and he cried. Crying is great.


We´ve also got Rodrigo and Juliana. Their daughter was recently confirmed (last Sunday) and they are super excited. They went to the SRE (a church service group to help find jobs - I don´t know the name in English) and they´ll stop pirating DVDs soon so they can be baptized too.


This has been a week/month of much labor! We´re excited to baptize every week and it´s been very rewarding, if not a little crazy.

Love you all, hope you all know that I know that as we listen to the Prophet´s voice our questions will be answered and our testimonies will be strengthened.

He lives.


Elder Brown

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