Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Glimmer in the Eye

Hi All- I sent this to Elder Brown and he asked that I share it with you. 

“A Glimmer in the Eye”


There they are, those two young men, that often pass this way, I’ve waved at them a time or two, then shyly draw away.


They look so happy, stand so straight, why do the people say, they’re really Joe Smith’s advocates and should be thrust away?


They’re young, they’re strong, they’re confident but there must be something more, for I’ve seen a glimmer in their eyes as I’ve watched them from this door.


And then one day, to my surprise, the door they chose was mine, I watched them walk up nervously from there behind the blind.


I met them at the small front door with the excuse my neighbors say, then looking down at their sweating brows… I bid the young men stay.


They stood there waiting patiently as I gathered the family ‘round, they made no sound when the seats were spent, but sat upon the ground.


What a sight those two men made there seated in the sod, but soon the smile left my face as they knelt and spoke with God.


They opened the scriptures to our eyes and testified with love, their faced seemed to beam with light as angels from above.


They said that we could know the things that they declared as true. I made a commitment to them then that’s just what I would do.


The weeks passed by, the visits sure, my stack of pamphlets grew, but still I hadn’t asked the Lord if the things they taught were true.


And then one night, I remember well, I had my wrest with God, but this time it was my two knees there planted in the sod. 


And there it was, a still small voice, just like the young men said, I think I woke up half the house as I leapt up from my bed.   


And then I rushed to the bathroom wall for mirrors never lie, and there it was, just like those men, a glimmer in my eye.


Many years have since passed by, but the memory still burns bright, and I must admit my eyes grow damp as I think upon that night.


But most of all of two young men whose love and lives have soared, and brought my family dressed in white to this alter of the Lord.


-Elder James R. Brown

 Honduras, Tegucigalpa Mission, 1983



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