Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Uma semana excellente!

Hey yall biscuitheads,


This has been a very fast week! First of all, this was the last week of the transfer and we had two baptisms!!!! I´ll let POrtuguese explain a little about it:


Estamos muito animados após do batismo de Domingo!!! Batizamos Tuany André e Millena Rauch de Oliveira Alves e foi uma experiência extremamente edificante e boa. Fizemos coisas um pouco diferentes neste batismo: ao invés de apenas convidando gente a entrar na sala da Sociedade de Socorro, fizemos a reunião na Sala Sacramental. Eu já estava vestido de branco e os batismos também, e foi organizado muito melhor do que qualquer outro batismo que já participei (tivemos uma ata batismal já preenchida, um DVD de Encontrar a Fé em Cristo tocando na sala, etc.), e estávamos correndo às pessoas e falando com ânimo do batismo. Devido disso, tivemos mais do que 70 pessoas na reunião batismal!!! Foi excellente! Faremos isso cada vez com cada batismo, e será muito melhor para todo mundo!


Google translate:

We are very excited after the baptism on Sunday! Andre and we baptized Tuany Millena Rauch Alves de Oliveira and was an extremely uplifting and good. We did things a little different this baptism, instead of just inviting people to join the Relief Society room, did the meeting in Room Sacramental. I was dressed in white and baptisms as well, and was organized much better than any other baptism I have ever attended (we had already filled a baptismal record, a DVD of Finding Faith in Christ playing in the room, etc.). And we were running at people and talking to spirits of the baptism. Because of that, we had more than 70 people in the baptismal service! It was excellent! We do this every time with every baptism, and will be much better for everyone!



As it says, we had a ton of people at the service! Awesome! They really were ready to be baptized (Tuany and Millena) and we really loved the feeling of a baptism after a while of finding.

Another thing (also to be explained in Portuguese) about an activity that we´re going to do in probably October: A Celestial Day!


Estamos planejando a fazer uma atividade na alaque se chamará "O Dia Celestial". Basicamente, será um dia em que os membros da Igreja serão missionários - fabricaremos plaquetas, organizaremos as pessoas em Distritos e Zonas, teremos um almoço gostoso, daremos treinamentos e discursos para incentivá-lhes, e sairemos com eles a fazer proseletismo na área de nossa ala! Depois, voltaremos e prestaremos nossos resultados à "Missão Pilarzinho", teremos uma reunião testemunhal, e já podíamos começar um jejum a ir até o próximo dia (que seria Domingo de Jejum). Estamos planejando agendar isso pelo dia 2 de Outubro, 2010,e será de 7:00 (de manhã) até ~5:00 a tarde. Gostaria de saber se o Presidente pudesse participar nesta atividade - talvez como discursante (Fé, como accompanhar os membros, etc.), talvez como missionário, talvez os dois! Acho que seria uma coisa excelente a animar a ala ainda mais, e também o Senhor podia ver (talvez com a Sister também!) uma parte de nossa área por se mesmos. Estaremos esperando com mais informações, e se quiser nos ligar e conversar um outro dia, seria ideal.


Google translate:

We are planning to do an activity in alaquas be called "Heavenly Day." Basically, it will be a day when church members are missionaries - made nametags, arrange the people in districts and zones, we have a tasty lunch, give trainings and speeches to encourage them, and they run away with doing in the area of our proseletismo wing! Then come back and pay our results to the "Mission Pilarzinho," we witness a meeting, and it could start a fast to go until the next day (which would be Sunday Fasting). We are planning to schedule it for October 2, 2010, and will be from 7:00 am (morning) to ~ 5:00 in the afternoon. I wonder if the President could participate in this activity - perhaps as speaker (Faith, as accompanhar members, etc..), Perhaps as a missionary, maybe both! I think it would be an excellent thing to liven up the wing even more, and also could see the Lord (perhaps with the Sister too!) A part of our area for themselves. We will be waiting with more information, and if you want to call us and talk another day would be ideal.


We´re planning on a huge day (which was an idea from on of the RMs in the ward) that will be just like the mission! We´ll have trainings, proselyting, nametags, districts/companionships, etc., and it´ll be a blast.


Something that we´re trying a little harder to do this week: Christmas Caroling! Seriously! We´re going around to the member´s houses (if we´re close to the house in the area we´re working; we also do this after every lunch) and singing Hymns to them (usually Christmas ones). Then, if there´s time, we leave a quick message about the First Vision, they feel the Spirit, we offer service and tips on how to get new people to teach, and then we say a prayer and get the heck outta there. It´s been a very positive experience because we´re 1. showing the members that we´re around and working, 2. using our musical talents for the good of the work, and 3. it makes us energized to hit the road and find lots of new people ourselves! It´s really been a blessing to see how the members react to being treated with love, not just telling them what to do. Our focus is to gain their trust, and we´re doing it.

For some reason, the computer is not letting me upload pictures, so that´s annoying but predictable. Basically, lunch fell twice this week which means we had to make our own food. As anyone who knew me at BYU can testify, I make a mean burger. So....we made burgers. For the reader: imagine the biggest, juiciest burger ever, with bacon, tomatos, and with the meat special dipped in a homemade sauce, grilled to perfection, and then eaten in between what but two grilled cheese sandwiches...with fries. We called it the "Overlord". I´m seriously kicking myself because we don´t have pictures to show, but it was about 9 inches tall and weighed a few pounds. Yeah. Whoever´s at home when I get back can see and maybe eat one of their own.


More Portuguese:

Estamos nos esforçando a achar pessoas boas a ensinar, e ontém encontramos com Lúcio (buscando um endereço falso). Ele é excellente, e tem uma data pelo dia 19 de Setembro!


We found an awesome guy named Lúcio while we were looking for another address (which didn´t exist). He was really cool and let us in. We found out that he´s Catholic but is still very open to learn. He´s also a MotoBoy (a go-fer on a motorcycle - very dangerous and crazy) and he´s legally married with a daughter! Woo! We started teaching and the Spirit was extremely strong. After we shared the First Vision, he said "wow". He told us that he´s been waiting for something in his life to change because of some really crazy things that happened in his past (his Dad commited suicide to save him and his sister´s life, etc.), and because of that he drinks, etc. BUT, he got really excited to read the BOM (especially when he heard he didn´t have to pay) and even more to go to church! He´ll be baptized with his family on the 19th!!!!! We´re so excited, and I have a firm testimony of patience and diligence. No effort is wasted in the Lord´s work! Remember that!


Also, Elder Marx and I are together for another transfer. We´re gonna raise heck on this shindig. I love that Elder.

The Church is sooo true. Christ lives and loves us. I love all of you and pray for you daily.


Elder Brown


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