Wednesday, August 18, 2010

not much time!!!

Let me explain! No..there is too much. Let me sum up:

This week was fun, crazy, long, fast and we will baptize (Tuani and Milena)! That´s what really matters. Basically we just worked like dogs to find people to teach, and didn´t find much, but we are trying things a little bit differently.


Let´s let P-guese explain first:

Esta semana foi bem corrida mas produtiva. Decidimos a, ao invés de apenas fazendo contatos, batendo portas, visitando coisas no Livro de Área, etc., trabalharemos mais com os membros e serví-los ainda mais. Estamos deixando e 1a mensagem com todos os líderes da ala, e também cantando para as irmãs quando estivermos perta às suas casas. Tem dado muito certo e estamos animados a continuar ganhando mais o respeito da ala, fazendo projetos de serviço, etc.

So basically, we´re trying to pull an Ammon and serve the people and then lead them to believe (or baptize, or both), etc. We´re leaving the message of the Restoration with all the ward leaders and we´re also singing for any member that we come close to. It´s been fun and the members are eating it up. We´re receiving more references and the ideas that we have, when put into practice, will work out well. We´re really excited!


Per my Dad´s and other´s request, I´ll put our address of our house so yálls can look on Google Maps, etc. and see for yourselves where it is we live. Then a brief explanation of our area, then I´ll go


Rua Guilherme Lunardon, 300 Bloco 29 apt. 4

PIlarzinho, Curitiba, Paraná



Look it up.


Our area has a TON of hills, and I officially have the finest legs of the mission. We have a wide economic and demographic range, from the really really rich (like as in US rich) to the dirt poor who live in one room. I live in an apartment complex on a hill that basically divides our area called Parque das Araucárias, and we have an apartment by ourselves. It´s small, but it´s clean and it´s nice enough for us. I usually eat a nice oatmeal-like breakfast with some Tang (my comp. is CRAZY for Tang, especially because there are like 20 varieties here), and it´s the good ´ol rice and beans for lunch, with varying amounts of spaghetti and meat/chicken. I sleep on a bed with a decent enough mattress and our apartment is carpeted, but not the good kind.


No more time! The church is true! Love yáll! BATISMO!!!!!!

Elder Brown

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