Thursday, August 12, 2010

Depois das provãções....os BATISMOS!!!

As the subject declares, we have our heads above water now! I´m so freakin´ excited!!!


To put the stuff together, I can basically describe the last two weeks, except for yesterday and Monday, with a singular sentence: we walked and did our best, but the people decided that Eternal Salvation wasn´t as important as working in their piece of poop jobs. Yeah. But NOW...things have been different.


I´ll go over quickly the last two days and then write a brief synopsis of everything:

We had our District Meeting again, and then we started Elder Marx´s first division of his mission! I was a little nervous - for him and for me, as I had to train a new Elder on lots of stuff - but it worked out well. Elder Soares and I started going and we did a few contacts in the morning. For some background: our area is veeeery hilly. Like, my quads have gotten seriously tighter. And so, half to punish Elder Soares for not doing his contacts and half for fun, I decided to use these new weapons and walk everywhere as fast as I possibly could, including up the hills. Needless to say, he was panting and sweating on a cold day when we got to lunch. At lunch, we ate EVERYTHING that the irmã had. That was good. The first part of the day was a lot like the other days had been - we did contacts, visited some addresses from contacts, and had basically no physical luck. But then..we actually got a lesson! With a new investigator, who is a Seventh-Day Adventist, but doesn´t want to just bash with us! Yay! He said he´d read the BOM and it was a very spiritual lesson - really enjoyed the opportunity to teach. THEN, we visited a few more houses (no luck) and then headed reeeeeeeeeeally far away to a Family Home Evening with two new references from Walter´s family (members). We finally found the house, out in the middle of nowhere, and the family was there with two girls. Even before the lesson, they were talking about their baptism, so I felt completely relaxed in inviting them in that lesson to really follow the feelings they had. It was an even better lesson than the first one, and they felt the Spirit very strong. They accepted baptismal dates!!! They´ll (Tuany and Milena) be baptized on the 22nd!!!! WOOO!!! After that lesson, we left with some major fire in the bones. I was impressed. This stupid Evangelical lady (I mean daughter of God who we love) tried to bash with me, but I just told her that she needed to be baptized in the true church. Bam. Take that, Satan and your minions. And I bought us hot dogs that were really cheap but extremely good! So that was Monday.


The division went until a little before lunch the next day, and I showed Elder Soares about the importance of being perfectly obedient - we did excercises, studied, and felt right dandy. We then went to end the division in the Cabral Terminal and it was really good. A success! After lunch, which was with an irmã who hates cooking but who is really cool, we started off basically the same - contacts, no success. THEN....we visited one contact on a whim (the Spirit rocks) and totally found en elect couple who´ll be baptized on the 29th!!! They just need to stop smoking and get married, but that´s easier than having no one to teach. Then we visited a few other people - no one. We then taught Ricardo e Lucí (a less-active family) with Irmão Alexandre, our LMA, and they went to church, after 4 months of not going!!! THEN...another Noite Familiar! We taught Delly (her name is Jardelle, and no, she´s not a large black woman), and it was one of the better lessons I´ve ever seen. The members helped so much and she also accepted to be baptized on the 29th! Shé´s absolutely pumped to get her answer that the BOM is true - she´ll get it. Then we got to eat pizza, for free. And thus ended two of the best days in the history of the world. Ohhhh yeah; the church is soo true.

Also, we had a Zone activity at a really cool park place and played basketball, a game with a birdie-like thing that´s played like badminton, and futebol. Then, we ate a delicious burger, but before that...of course, the Elders had to be manly, and we all had an arm-wrestling contest. Needless to say, my right arm didn´t fail me, even against my giant companion. Go pushups. But then came the crazy-ripped-russian-looking guy that challenged me. Needless to say again, he about ripped my arm off. And actually, I really got hurt. Like, he ripped my arm apart, and I was in some serious pain. But I asked for my comp and Elder Lott (my first comp!) to give me a blessing and it was amazing. I don´t hurt at all now!

Basically, this week was the stuff and then some. We are going to baptize 205 people this month in our mission! Woot!


Portuguese time:

Esta semana tem sida excellente!!! Nos últimos dois dias, temos marcado 5 datas firmes!!! Estamos muito animados e sabemos que realmente nosso trabalho, embora um pouco difíçil, tem feito alguma coisa, e agora estamos recebendo as bençãos.
Eu estou bem. Estou animado a batizar e estou animado a ter uma entrevista contigo semana que vem. Gostaria de falar um pouco naquele momento sobre algumas coisas em que tenho perguntas.
Meu companheiro também está muito bem. Ele é muito forte espiritualmente e é um trabalhador. Esta começa da missão dele tem sido mais difíçil do que minha foi, mas ele está sendo obediente e feliz, e aprendendo rápido a língua. Estou animado por ele.
Nosso Distrito também está ótimo. Esta semana vamos batizar o Henner em nossa área e Boa Vista tem várias datas firmes por semana que vem, junto com duas datas nossas. Estamos prontos e fazendo a nosso parte a batizar pelo menos 205!
Fizemos uma divisão e eu e Elder Soares ficamos juntos.
Para falar bem a verdade, quase matei ele de trabalho, mas ele aguentou e estava bem feliz - até fez todos os contatos dele! Realmente não tenho nenhuma preocupação sobre eles.
Espero que o Presidente está bem - até semana que vem.


Translation (kinda- from Google Translate- Jen) This week has been excellent! In the last two days, we marked five firm dates! We are very excited and we know that our work, although a little hard, has done something, and now we are receiving the blessings.
I'm fine. I'm excited to baptize and am excited to have an interview with you next week. I would like to talk a little about some things at that moment that I have questions.
My partner is also very good.
He is very strong spiritually, and is a worker. The start of his mission has been harder than mine, but he is being obedient and happy, and learning the language fast. I'm excited for him.
Our District also is fine. This week we baptize Henner in our area and Boa Vista has a number of firm dates for next week, along with our two dates. We are ready and doing our part to baptize at least 205!
We did a split and I got together with Elder Smith. To tell you the truth, he almost killed at work, but he broke down and was quite happy - until they made all his contacts! Really have no worries about them.
I hope that the President is well - until next week.



The church is true. Christ is our Savior. Be a good boy/girl and everything will work out. Love you all with all my heart.

Elder Brown

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