Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekly email pah-tay

Hello all you trolley people,

There is some kid listening to music and playing Super Mario World. I want to kill him. With the Spirit gun.

I think Brasil has some of the best music and some of the worst garbage I have ever heard. I almost wish you could all hear it for those who aren´t here, but I would´nt wish that on you. Basically, it´s like a dying chicken trying to rap or make some sort of beat - they must all be destroyed, then peace shall be restored in the galaxy.
I have been learning even more about patience! Weee!!! For a little background, there is something going on called the World Cup. For the Americans who maybe don´t know what it is, it is soccer - a LOT of soccer. I am in Brasil, which is the kingdom consecrated and dedicated to soccer. I know, it´s sad, but it´s true. We, as missionaries, are not allowed to watch the games because there is "no missionary benefit" in watching them. There are a lot of missionaries (and members who think they know more than God) who say that it is sacred and that we should be able to watch. But as for me and my companionship, we shall serve the Lord (2 Steve 3:4). So, basically, we can try to find people to teach and do contacts or we can slack off and say that nothing´s possible. Elder Barbosa and I chose the first option and, actually, it was great for several reasons. First, there were a lot of people on the street (cars=no, people=yes) and almost all of them were stunned that we even work when Brasil has a game - rack up one more for the true church! Second, every single goal is signalled by an instantaneous and sounding explosion (literally, as in bombs and stuff. Seriously) of gunpowder, fireworks, screaming, and really annoying little horns that every little 5 year old and his mom have, so we always know the score to every game, without watching. Blessings for free!!! Third, there really are people waiting for us during these games and they will be found!
We annnounced the Gincana at church on Sunday - in short, the ward exploded with excitement. Let´s rock the heck out of this area and divide the ward!!!
The church is really super true, yáll. Go to it.
Elder Brown

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