Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Batismo! The joy and sweet alegria!

Dear all yáll,


I don´t think I mentioned it to anyone, but I had an awesome dream a while ago. I was in the baptismal font, dancing (in warm water - even more crazy), and there was a huge line of people in white making a sort of Congo line from one side of the font to the other. There was also music - dadadadadaaDA! dadadadadaaDA! Every DA! I baptized someone. It was awesome. And lasted for like 5 minutes. Chalk up one more goal for my mission - doing a dance in the baptismal font after 5 minutes of baptizing.


This week was really good. I seriously think that me and my companion could baptize every week this transfer and the next! The ward is so excited and we´re putting in some new ideas so that the work can explode even more. If you could pray for these people I would appreciate it (these people are scheduled for baptism these next two weeks, or potentially could be baptized): Danilo, Monique, Maria, Rosane, Taína, Camilla, William, Domingos, Terezinha, Marilei, Antônio, and Célia. Our goal for this month is 8 and we´ve had 2 so far - let´s get em!


I realized something - it is now easier for me to speak in my mission language than in English. This is, honestly, a huge surprise, but it makes sense. I´ve only had one American companion in the field and 5 Brasilians, so, naturally, it´s easier to speak Portuguese with the Brasilians. I hope you all know that the Gift of Tongues is real - it worked for me (imagine a cheesy infomercial)!


We baptized Maicon this last Sunday! It was really good - he was ready to be baptized. We are working to improve the quality of our baptismal meetings so that more people have more desire to also be baptized. We are also planning/making a contest (Gincana) for the missionary work in the ward, a calendar for splits with the missionaries, little reminders for the divisons, a giant poster (by Elder Barbosa, who´s an artist - he´s the man)´s good. After Autódromo, this ward is a welcome change and we´re readying it for even more.


I think that the people in the States don´t know, but for those of us in another country the World Cup in South Africa is underway and thriving. Yesterday was the first game, and, you guessed it, we couldn´t watch. It was actually really funny. There were some people on the street and so we just did contacts for about 2 hours. It was ok, and let me just say that I hope Brasil wins it all. If not, and if the USA wins, I am going to die along with the other Americans. Every GOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!! that they had there were about 1,000 fireworks that went off at the same time. There were also people crazy drunk with the Brasilian flag used for underwear, etc. etc. etc., no more details necessary, and it was fun. Basically we know what happened in the game as if we had actually watched it ourselves because that´s all people are talking about right now. Anyway, the next game is the 20th, so we have some more time to wait.


A really weird realization that I had the other day - President Araújo is dying! He´s going home, in 2 weeks! It will be really interesting to have 2 mission presidents, but the only thing we can do is wish the best for Pres. Araújo and do our best to serve the new one. He´ll be awesome too, and there´ll be a lot of baptisms.


The church is SO true. The missionaries, even if they aren´t the best, receive blessings every day. I am keeping the rules and working my best for all of you and hope that you are all doing the same - be a missionary! It´ll bless your life and the lives of others! It´s easy! But you don´t have to take MY word for it...takes LeVar´s instead.


With a neckhug,

Elder Brown

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