Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Terceira Área!

As the title says, I´m writing this from Pilarzinho, my third area! I only stayed for 3 months in Autódromo, but I can honestly say that I poured my blood,sweat, tears,and faith into the baptismal font (this is just a cool analogy - don´t freak out) and though we only baptized 4 in 3 months, there are around 7 who could be this month. PLant the seeds,watch the results.


I think the three things I learned most in that area had to have been faith, patience, and humility. It is literally ridiculous to think about where I was 9 months ago and what I was like. I can´thelp but feeling a little retarded when I think back about how I used to be. I´m pleased to write that if to improve yourself was the only purpose of the mission, I could be coming home now. I´m even more pleased to admit that I have even more time to give to the Lord and receive/distribute those blessings to others. It is amazing and powerful to watch the effect of your work on all the people you see and love.


My new area looks great and smells really great - like baptisms. Delicious. My companion is Elder Barbosa, who is seriously the MAN! I always wanted to be his companion and now we are going to go nuts and bring the masses to the font. I have also been receiving more opportunities to serve and help and that has been very comforting and rewarding.

Time´s a little short, so I´d just like to share one experience:


It seems like every time I´m transferred, a greenie enters in my place and baptizes everyone who I taught. THis happened again, and he (Elder Groom) is soooo good! He´ll be an excellent missionary.Anyway, we were coming home on the bus and he was rapid-firing questions at me about everything under the sun- have you been robbed, will it get colder,etc. I was surprised that Iwas able to answer everything and more that he needed, and it felt good. I took a step back - wasn´t this me just a little while ago? Yes, it was. And BLINK, here I am.


As we were walking to our only appointment that day - with Paulo and Daiane (and thank you to all that are praying for them - I told them that and they cried), and he said that he really wanted to share an experience with them on how he can help Paulo stop smoking. I agreed, and after I started the lesson and had talked a bit, he started talking (inEnglish) with me translating (Português). It was almost spooky. I felt so smooth and relaxed with everything hewanted tosay, and when he bore his testimony to Paulo and Daiane, in English, mind you, they felt theSpirit. It was powerful! I was appreciative tohave shared in that experience and to have felt the Spirit. They accepted a challenge to be baptized thisweek!!!!


I love you all. In a while you will all be hearing about the wonderful world of Pilarzinho! Let´s GOOO!!!!


Elder Brown

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