Friday, July 8, 2011

What a week!

Oi everybody,

We baptized again!
Iran was baptized and it was great! He was supposed to be baptized on Saturday, but he started a new job on Friday and had to do inventory at the store where he´s now working, so he left us hanging a little. We left the water (which was pretty darn cold) for the next day, Sunday, and he was baptized after Sacrament Meeting. It was COLD, and as he entered the water he almost yelled, but he was ok. Our Ward Mission Leader baptized him and it was great - there were several investigators there, including our baptism for this week and for the next.
The people that are getting baptized are actually getting converted and put to work! This is the first time that I´ve actually seen this happen - people getting baptized and instantly incorporating into the ward and helping out. We can only attribute this success to God´s divine help and the good relationship that we´ve been trying to establish with the Bishop and ward leadership. Eduardo, who was baptized a little more than a month ago, will baptize his friend Thomas this week and next week, a really awesome guy (that looks like a movie action star and is a really smart policeman) named Daniel will be baptized. He quit smoking more than a week ago and is already inviting the Bishop and others to his baptism! We´re also teaching a lot of great families that are getting ready - one for the 23rd (Douglass, Vanessa, Leonardo and Guilherme) and a few for later on because of marriage complications (Arnoldo, Adriane, Tiago, Antônio, Mara, etc.). It´s been a great success and our planning has really improved during this last little time.  
We´ve been participating in a lot of divisions, and it´s been fun to get to know other ELders and help them out and get helped in our area. We just need to find more new people to teach.
It´s been a while since I´ve shared my testimony, and seeing as how I don´t have that much time before the end, here goes:
He lives and loves us. He understands all pain and all feelings of doubt and inadequacy. I love being a missionary and love the Spirit that is felt every day, as I try to do my best. I have loved to serve and grow during this time, and I´m gratefulfor the opportunity to use this last remaining time to bring souls unto Christ! Thomas will be baptized this week!

Love you all! Give ém Heaven!
Elder Brown

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