Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I know how/want to be a missionary now!

I learned how to be a missionary!

First, you work really hard until you can´t work harder. Then, after having done everything, you pray like crazy. Then, God gives you miracles. EVERY SINGLE TIME that we have prayed this week (as in 5 or 6 separate occasions) we have found a new family to teach, found someone who was waiting for us and being prepared by the Lord, or we have taught someone and felt the SPirit. It´s amazing. We´ve been in a constant state of shock the past 2 days after having had SO much success with this! We´ve found 3 new families in 3 days! ALL have agreed to be baptized! It´s amazing!
WE have had so many things happen this week and I want to write about all of it, but there isn´t any time. Monday was ridiculous: we went to the chapel to use the bathroom and replan some things after having had everything fall on its face. As we left, there was a man waiting in his car who came out and starting talking to us. He said that he´s always wanted to meet the church and learn how to speak english too - we marked a day to visit him (the next day - when we went there, we left the first lesson in English with him and his family - they want to be baptized! They live one street from the chapel!). So THAT was cool, but that wasn´t even the best that Heavenly Father had for us. Later that night, at about 20:00, we were looking for an address that we had got from someone on the street. Nothing was working, so we decided to use the magic prayer. Earlier that night (only about 15 minutes beforehand) we had passed an orange, richer house on a corner that caught our attention, but we shrugged it off as nothing and continued looking for the beforementioned address. Right after we prayed, I felt what would best be described as a punch in the face from the Spirit. It said "orange house". We walked with determination to the house, and as we approached the door the woman was already outside her house. We asked if we could come in , because we felt that God was preparing them to hear us ( we said that), and she let us in. We taught her, her daughter and her daughter´s husband and their 2 kids, and another man that had been a street bum until he found a Bible on the street. The lesson wasn´t the best taught that we had ever had, but we prayed like crazy to help them accept a baptismal date. And.......THEY ACCEPTED! THey literally live 3 HOUSES FROM THE CHAPEL!!! Miracles are happening, and those are only 2 of them!
Basically the only thing I´d like to get at for this week as far as advice is this (and it will sound familiar, but bear with me): work with everything until you have nothing left, and then pray like the nothing you are for the righteous something you want. God will give you anything you desire, if you deserve it.
I know that prayer is a miracle-worker. It helps souls get baptized. We will baptize 4 people this week, 5 the next week, and around 7-9 the next! Keep on the train!
Elder Brown

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