Wednesday, December 8, 2010

E aí

Hey guys,

So, at my mother´s request, I will write about some stuff:

  • Please tell me about each investigator you have right now.  I love hearing their stories and progress!

So.. We´ve got Noemi E Gelson. They need to get married. Their kids were baptized and confirmed a little while ago but they need...desire and reason to get married. She wants to, he doesn´t. But they´ll work out ok - they love church and what it´s done for their kids. Then there´s Iuza and Dirciu. He needs to stop drinking and being a retard, and she has an issue with someone at church. It´s great fun. They´re ok, but they need to go to church. Then there´s Adriana and Igor. We found them last week and they have a baptismal date for CHRISTMAS!!! Whee! She called us the other day to say that she received her answer and that she wants to give her Padre (Catholics) the Book of Mormon. We will surely oblige and baptize her whole church. Then there´s Manoel and his Family, Henrique and Janete. They´re from São Paulo and they are SUPER elect, with dates for Christmas as well. They have got to go to church and continue to give us delicious cake. Then there´s a member reference named Ana who´s ready for baptism, we just need to find her at home and she needs to cut smoking, which she´s already doing. There are other people, but these are the best ones. They´re pretty amazing and we´re finding new people every day.

  • Please share your spiritual experiences and testimony in your mass email- to me it is like a spiritual shot in the arm!

The Spirit experiencezão for the week would have to be yesterday. We were teaching a lesson to a media reference and it was going, well, pretty machine-like. I got a little frustrated when she said that she had already been baptized (Catholic...blah) and didn´t need it again. We left the lesson and we both felt...a little empty. We decided to testify of Christ in some contacts, and we instantly felt better. The Spirit is the ONLY WAY to go on the mission, and in our lives. Without it, LIFE DOESN´T MAKE SENSE!!! Without it, this isn´t the true church and the BOM isn´t true, etc etc etc. We need it! If you don´t feel the Spirit, start keeping the commandments and you will be baffled to see that you feel it! Wow! What a concept! Sorry for the sarcasm but that´s just how I´ve been feeling lately. But in all seriousness, it is amazing and it was great to see/feel His presence a little more.

  • How are you doing this week? 

I´m ok. We´re helping the Zone to be a little more excited because they were a little dead. We had a Zone study in our chapel about Charity, followed by a mountain of brownies, juice, and baskeball. The Americans also, as I am proud to announce, destroyed the Brasilians in soccer. HaHA. Take that.

  • How is choir? 

Good. It is very good.

  • When do you perform?

Today, Friday, Saturday, and a few other performances that are being scheduled. It´ll be great!

  • How are your clothes/ shoes holding up?

Great. Holding up well, and I´m seriously getting a lot skinnier.

  • Did you buy new socks?

No, I decided that I really didn´t need them - we´ll use these ones until the end. Maybe I can use the $ as an emergency fund.

  • When you receive your Christmas package please open it as soon as you get it! I want you to be able to enjoy it right away.  I hope it comes soon!

Me too.

I love you all. More bullet points:
- there´s a dog that likes to eat grass. It´s funny.
- we found a PENNY on the street. Weird.
- we heard Brasilian AC/DC. Needless to say, it was horrible beyond reason.
- there was a dog that peed for a good minute straight. Impressive.
- we taught a lesson in a "
SPiritual Center", and, actually, the medium there was super cool. SHe´ll be out of town on Christmas, but later she´ll be baptized!

The Church is super duper true. Jesus is the Christ. He loves us. He knows us. Trust Him.

Élder Brown

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