Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cião Élder Pettegrew!

Hey ya, hey ya. All right, all right, all right.
We had transfers, Élder Pettegrew went home to St. George, I will now work
with Élder Rasmussen, my trainer and many companions also went home, we
baptized 2 more people last week (Paôla e Pablo), I apologized to the bispo,
we found some new people to teach, everyone´s excited to baptize 150 people
this month in the mission. Other stuff (because of the lack of time):
- I saw these two guys giving this kid a super wedgie in the middle of the
street, and holding him up by his pants. It was insane. The kid was
screaming and the other two looked extremely satisfied. It went well up over
his head.
- we can´t drink a drink called chimarrão here, but I bought some for Élder
Pettegrew so that he can drink it at home. Alex says it´s horrible. Cião,
love. Boa semana para todos! A Igreja é verdadeira! Elder Brown

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