Saturday, November 13, 2010

Uma semana muito rápida

Oi oi gente querida,                                         

It´s been really weird to be my comp.´s last companion - I´m killing him! It´s good though, because hes not trunky, just a little nervous.
Some bullet points:

- we were knocking doors and we came up to the same house where Elder Pettegrew tickled the dog´s chin. The dog took one look and knew who he was, which lead to the same look of impending doom in his eyes. Then my super smart comp. tickled the huge Boxer´s chin while making little noises. Amazingly, the dog wagged his tail and my comp. isn´t dead, yet. All is well.

- We baptized 2 people on Saturday! Endrigo and Iuri, two brothers that were super ready, were baptized by a guy who lives in Portão, by the mission office. It was really cool and their mom went and loved it. We actually had more investigators than members there - around 10 - and it was pretty cool. We´re going to baptize 3 more people this weekend - Paôla, Pablo, and Christian. Prayers would be great!

- I would really, really like some new socks, if that´s possible. Both black long ones and shorter athletic ones. Mine are getting pretty toasted. And american deodorant.

- We almost got stuck in a HUGE thunderstorm yesterday - I don´t think I´ve ever been in such strong wind. Crazy Brasilian weather.

- I had to make a report and send it to President and it took over 4 freakin hours. I was almost done, and then BAM the computer shut down and restarted. Then, after saving it, it did it again and was unreadable again. I ended up doing the same huge report 3 times. Now I know how to do a report really well.

This transfer has absolutely flown by. It´s interesting what happens when you have more work and try to forget yourself. I had always wanted to say that I was able to forget myself, but I was never really sure if I would be able to do it. Basically the only secret that I have been able to find has been just working, working, working, and loving, loving, loving every second, every rule, etc. It´s nice to just be able to think about mission stuff. Girls - no matter how pretty or amazing - college, family, etc. don´t matter right now. The only thing that really matters is the Lord and His service. I just hope that I can work hard enough to be able to fulfill the plan he has for me. I´ve been discovering a little more about what that is here - it doesn´t mean that to be a success, you have to be a leader on the mission, baptize a million people, etc. It just means, like PMG says, we need to give it our best shot. Our BEST! I am excited to see what my "best" is at the end of these two years, and I know that, with work, it will be much better than it was now.

I love the Lord. I love Christ. I love the Book of Mormon. I love the missionary schedule and the missionaries with whom I serve. I love the investigators. I love you all and hope that you (yes, you) know that.

Let´s go get ém!
Elder Brown

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