Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey ya

Hi everyone,

This´ll be a quick one, sorry. 

- We had another Blitz - take all the missionaries of the area to one area and help them pump up their teaching group. It worked really well and we were able to find a lot of new people for them to teach.

- Choir is going much, much better! We changed the rehearsal spot and put some new things into practice and the results were fantastic! Unfortunately, we don´t have a pianist, so I´m playing for most of the hymns. It´s been a lot of fun to work with the Elders to prepare for our presentations. We received word that we will be singing, on live television, for the newly-elected Governador de Paraná - Beto Richa. Also, we´ll get to go to some other places in the Center of the city. Yay choir!

- we´ll baptize two awesome people on Saturday - Endrigo e Iuri! They´re two brothers (the younger one reminds me of a much smaller and younger Peter) and the older one has been dating a member for 3 years and going with her to Institute - he showed up in the church and said he wanted to get baptized. We agreed with his decision. His brother and his mom are getting ready with him!

- I am getting "tan" again! Hooray for summer!

- one last experience: we were at a recent convert´s house (Valdir - he is the MAN!!! One of the best baptisms ever) leaving him and his family a message because they haven´t been coming to church (his uncle died three weeks ago and it´s been crazy for their family). During the lesson, two of his little twin boys - Ruan e Renan - were making a lot of noise. It´s against the rules to make them sit on your lap, so I decided to sit with them , one on each side, and read the scriptures quietly with them. They loved it, and there was a great SPirit. Also, as I was leaving, they were licking their fingers and cleaning the dirt of my shoes with their hands. It was amazing. I could feel the love of the people because I was able to love them a little more. I know that I can feel this love for any person - I just have to show it.

This is the truth. We are lucky to have it. We must share it with power!

 Love yáll!
Elder Brown

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