Thursday, July 29, 2010

WOO!!! Elder Marx!

As I wrote last week, I will be training an American. He´s here now! His name is...yeah, it´s in the subject already. Elder Marx!!!! He´s from Arizona, he went to BYU for 2 years, he played football and plays low brass instruments, he´s enormous (but can´t eat more than me)(hahahahaa), and he already understands/speaks the language incredibly well. We are soo excited to get going!


I´ll talk a little about yesterday:

So while Elder Stoddard was getting all ready to go to his comfy office chair in the Escritório, I was getting our house all cleaned and, honestly, getting really, really nervous. They don´t give you a manual of instructions to train - they kind of just throw you in the boiling water and let you at it, your way. I decided to plan a little on what we would do when we got home, scrupulously cleaned our house, and then we got a ride with a cranky, tired member to the office. Elder Stoddard was instantly taken into the office and given his first training, and I was left to read a few letters that I got (Elder Brott {Mott} and Lynette Blunck, who´ll serve a mission soon!) and think about what it was that I would do with my "filho amado". As I was waiting, I seriously got this huge feeling in my head of doubt and worry, like for some reason I wasn´t worthy to train, etc. I started to read in Alma 12, and I could literally feel the peace that comes from reading the scriptures. It was amazing. After waiting for about an hour, Presidente Cordon arrived with Elder Marx! It was so cool! The night before, I had a dream that I met him, and it was seriously exactly the same as in my dream! Crazy!


After that, the Secretários talked gave Elder Marx the quick lowdown on their end of the mission, and then it was off to the Hi-Lux (Presidente´s car - it´s famous). We went to the mission home and then, because Sister Cordon had yet to arrive, we went to the temple and took a picture. The peace of the temple is magnificent, even outside (We get to go on the 18th of August!). We then returned and waited in the awesome mission home, talking about what we liked to do. I showed in (in the home) how to do contacts, use the planner, etc. Then he got interviewed and Sister Cordon and her kids arrived. They are so cool! It´s fun to speak English with real Americans. We then ate a magnificent lunch (made by a lady who lives in Santa Felicidade, my first area; she almost gave me a hug before I stuck out my hand). It was a great break and I heard Presidente pray in English - it was powerful to see the unity in their family. After that, Presidente took us to our house and toured it - he was impressed with my cleaning skills, to say the least :) . I then showed the house to Elder Marx, showed him the Area Book, talked about our Investigators with Baptismal Dates, other Investigators, and then he filled out a few papers that he needed to do. Then, contacts for an hour. I did a bunch, and he also did a few! He is fearless! Then we visited a member to introduce him, then visited a few houses (no one was home). We then had a great division with our WML and taught 2 familes.


Another excerpt in Português:

Sei que fomos chamados por Deus e que diariamente podemos ver a mão dele em nosso trabalho. Encontrei com um rapaz (o nome dele é Afránio) que batizamos no Santa Felicidade e estava/está passando por muitas provações difícies. Ainda assim, ele está firme no Evangelho e é maravilhosa para mim a ver o progresso deste rapaz. Sei que por meio de nosso trabalho é possível ver milagres.


Basically, I love the mission. These 2 years pass FAST. They need to be taken advantage of. After we do that, we will have an eternal satisfaction and a preparation that can´t ever be replaced or taken from us. Miracles happen. Pray for my Dad so that we can get a job. I know that all things are possible with God´s will and our Faith. Jesus is the Christ.


Elder Brown

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