Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What the....transfer?

We had a craaaazy transfer this last week!


To explain a little: our mission has changed and is going to change even more in the next few transfers. We have what you could call an "old" mission, meaning a lot of the leaders are going to be going home soon. This means that after a while there will be a lot of new opportunities to learn and serve, and we´ll welcome that challenge with open arms. A few of the changes: Elder Barbosa was transferred to Iratí, close to Guarapuava (in the middle of nowhere) and is very excited. He was an excellent companion and I loved serving with him. Now, the fun stuff: an area in the district closed, and another one opened. I will be with Elder Stoddard (who is also really cool; from Minnesota) for 2-3 weeks and then he will be called to be the financial secretary and then I will be a TRAINER! I cannot contain my excitement for both parts of the transfer - Elder Stoddard is the man, and then I will train an American! WOOHOO!! Let´s baptize everything that moves!


Presidente Cordon is changing the way our mission works - in the past, trainers were more of a time thing, but now only the top of obedience and work will do. It is a blessing to know that I will be a part of this group - an Assistent and 2 LZ´s were called to be trainers, and so it will be a great responsibility and an excellent opportunity to serve. I am excited to do things exactly how Heavenly Father would want them done - completely obedient, completely devoted, and having an absolute party in the baptismal font. My goal for the district for this month? 20 baptisms!!! Let´s do this thang!


So, yeah. There is a lot going through my head right now. But, basically, I can sum it all up in a few words: excitement and the Spirit create lots and lots of baptisms. Sometimes on the mission people get trunky, they get lazy, and they decide that it really doesn´t matter about certain rules, etc. I have one large goal for my mission: never to lose this fire. Nevah! We will keep every rule, stay focused, and love every minute, because each minute is precious and not ours. It is the Lord´s time! When we put that into the big picture it is impressive all the things that Heavenly Father will be able to do because of our service. We will have to do better and work harder, but we are willing and able to do exactly that.


We will baptize Camilla this week! Woohoo!! Something that was kind of funny/ really scary was that yesterday (Elder Barbosa´s last day), Camilla (who is a very smart but hormonal 14 year-old) wrote him a long and very fragranced note about her never-ending love for him. It was actually really hilarious to read in a girl voice - maybe I´ll send that video later.


Our house is so clean! I love it! Organization is sooooooo GOOD! And no, I´m not fruity and girly - it´s manly and buff to be organized. (manly grunting noises, cars, gym sweat, oh yeah) (sorry).


I have a lot of friends who are going home this transfer, and it is weird. I am starting to get old here! I think about certain Elders who were here, but now most people here wouldn´t know who they were because they weren´t here! It will be SO much fun to train! We will do our best and help many people to the true church.


I love this work. I love the way I feel when I bear my testimony and hear other people bear theirs. I know that Jesus is the Christ. He is the Son of God. He is our older, stronger, braver brother. He sacrificed His own life for us, voluntarily. This really is His church. NOTHING can change that. People will try - they will always try - to find something wrong about the church. Maybe Joseph Smith beat some kid up when he was little. Maybe the Mountain Meadows thing happened. Maybe we as a people are imperfect and sinners. But still, that does not change that fact that it´s all still true. The Church was restored BY GOD because He loves us. There is nothing wrong with bearing testimony of the truth! We don´t need to apologize to people that we´re members of the true church - we can look with confidence in their eyes and tell them that yes, this church is THE church. All churches are good - this is really the best. It is ALL true, and the feelings that I have had, continue to have and will have about the truth of it will never be taken from me, neither from any of you. NEVER compromise what you know to be true for the smaller and more menial and worldly things of the world. There is no worth there! Put your money on the source and your efforts towards the biggest goal - eternal life.


That was long, but that´s what I have learned here. The mission is amazing. Be missionaries!

Elder Brown

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