Thursday, April 1, 2010


Opa todo mundo, todo está dando muito certo aqui no Autódromo! Espero que todo é bom convosco.

Wow everybody, we are working very well here at Autodromo! I hope that all is well with you.

This week has been an interesting one; we had 4 interviews marked to baptize, but unfortunately we didn´t have any that passed or that were even home. We were accompanying them really well and they knew everything, but some of them just wussed out and they won´t be baptized for a while. One of the dates we had re-marked for this week we caught smoking (when she honestly told us that she had already quit. People are great.), and it´s always fun to have the LZ´s come out for a great division and have everything blow up in your face. Wee, the mission! But seriously, it´s an amazing learning experience and you grow and learn how to better prepare people for their baptismal dates.

We taught a whole mess of lessons last week - around 30 - and it was cool. It is interesting here in the mission because, as I have already explained, there are a lot of people who are simply only interested in getting high numbers (lessons taught, contatos, etc) for GH (Glória dos Homems - Glory of Men). This stinks, because it´s one of the ways that Satan enters into the mission. People think that "well shucks, I´ve been teaching a million lessons a week and finding a trillion new people to teach. It´s true that I haven´t baptized, but this means that I´m better than you." Sure they don´t say that, but their actions scream it. I have been worried that slowly I might become one of these missionaries if I wasn´t careful, but I have a promise to make to myself - that I won´t let it happen. There isn´t time here for messing around and being prideful little boys - it´s time to grow up, work, and be men.

Also, to add to the party, and as I have already said, I have been called to be a director in the choir. I also get to sing in a small group, an opera duet (O Divine Redeemer), and 3 duets with Sister Pond who I sang with during Christmas. This makes for a healthy bowl of insanity, and I find myself with ever-decreasing amounts of free time. This of course isn´t bad, but it is nice to have 5 minutes to stop and rest.
Another thing I´ve really been trying hard to work on is thinking more of the area and the investigators and less of myself and what others think. It´s difficult, especially when directing a choir of Elders who have for the most part way more experience than you do, but I know that I was called by the Priesthood to step up, and so I will. I was really worried that I would appear like a little retard who´s trying to kiss up to President because of my short time on the mission and the fact that I work with him more now, but I´ve been praying nightly for ways that I can think less of myself. I think the best way is just to forget yourself and go to work, like President Hinckley said. That we can do, and will do.

We have 5 dates for baptism marked for this week; I hope to report 5 baptisms next week! Also, it will be amazing to listen and apply General Conference to our lives. Every time we testify about the Prophet or about the Book of Mormon or the Restoration, etc., we receive another witness that it´s true. Seriously, there is NOTHING better than the missionary spirit. I´ve played all kinds of video games, played sports plenty, and tried music in many types and forms. There really is nothing better than to meet someone and then watch as they progress in the gospel and are baptized. It is even more amazing to watch these people become firm, strong members in the Church, in the Lord´s battalion.

Sei realmente que esta Igreja é a Igreja de Jesus Cristo. Sei que Ele vive e nos ama. Sei que as aflições que passaremos serão por nossa bem se quisermos aprender deles a nos arrepender. Sei que temos autoridade de Deus a agir em nome Dele e que devemos fazer nosso melhor, SEMPRE! Sei que o Senhor nos ajudará em todas as coisas, em cada lição, em cada contato na rua, em cada testemunho que prestarmos. Sei disso porque estou vivendo disso. Farei meu melhor, sempre!

Really know that this Church is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and loves us. I know the pangs that pass will be for our good if we learn from them to repent. I know we have God's authority to act for Him and we should do our best, EVER! I know the Lord will help us in all things in each lesson, each contact in the street, in every testimony that we pay. I know because I'm living it. I will do my best, always!


Fogo nos ossos! Vamos batizar e confirmar the heck out of everyone!

Elder Brown, Autódromo, Pinhais, Missão Brasil Curitiba

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