Thursday, March 25, 2010

Semana 2 em Autódromo


Oi gente. Esta semana foi rápida e ótima!

Wow...this was a crazy one. First off, we had another baptism - Geni! She is an awesome single lady (only 25 years old) who has 3 kids and has no support at all from her husband. While we kind of want to bust in his head for not helping out, she is doing everything right and will be blessed. It was a beautiful baptism, a really model one. The only thing that went wrong is that our cell phone went off in my pocket when I started to play the piano, so I started doing a freaky dance while trying to play The Spirit of God and turn off the phone at the same time. The actual baptism was awesome - she came out of the water looking so happy that you can´t help but feeling like you´re really part of something awesome. Baptisms always strengthen your testimony. I always feel like I´m slacking off if we´re not saving at least 1 person a week - another mission goal.

Portuguese is coming fast, but very strangely and sporadically at times. I´ve had some people ask me if I´m from São Paulo or Salvador because of my sotace (accent) and then there´s the sweet old lady walking on the street who calls you a stupid American devil who can´t talk good. That´s always fun. But yeah, it really is just practice and patience, and like I said, I have a goal to become fluent. It will happen, but I have to remember that I have a lot of time to grow still.

Elder B. Fernandes is the man! He´s an awesome teacher and I started off being a little intimidated because I didn´t think I´d be able to duplicate the simplicity and spirituality in which he teaches. He´s rubbing off on me, though, because I can definitely feel the lessons going more smoothly and spiritually. He also does excercises, something that none of my companions have done until now, so I finally have someone to work out a little with. The mission isn´t being very kind to my abs, but then again the ladies at lunch have to be pleased in one way or another.
Dont have a lot of time - had to update the account and it took a long time. Just know that everything is more than well here, and that we are happy and working our brains out.
I love this work. I will never lose my fire for it, no matter what anyone says, including me. I love the Lord, and He loves all of us. Please, all of you, do your very best for Him. I promise I will.

Elder Brown, Autódromo, Pinhais, Missão Brasil


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