Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mais um batismo!

Oi gente,


We baptized again! Diego was baptized and his baptismal service was just as good as the others - there were a lot of really great investigators there and the Spirit was strong.


This week has been a little different for a few reasons. First of all (and I´ll tell ya´ll in advance that there won´t be pictures today because of the darn LAN house that we´re using, oh well). But, as I was saying, a different week. For a good while we had been finding great people and new families to teach, and a lot of people were actually doing what we were inviting them to do, and getting baptized. That is, obviously, great! We want that to continue and never stop! As we worked through the weeks, however, our finding effort wasn´t quite as marvelous as it could´ve been and we started to recognize that if we don´t find a lot of new people, we´re going to have to start the whole process over again. We have had some great surprises in the work, though! We went nuts this week and started doing a lot more street contacts, knocking on people´s doors, praying to find a family, etc., and it´s been paying off. We´ve found more people in these last two days than we´ve found in a long time, and it´s exciting! We studied the First Lesson in PMG individually and in our companionship and practiced it, then we taught a lot of them and found some great new families. Some of them are really, really special.

We had a lesson that was a memorable one. As is already known, we are on the coast. It´s not exactly the "beach" yet, but there are islands and we can´t go there because we can´t ride boats, there´s a big bridge that leads to the main island, everyone on the island has a weird accent and there are a lot of cross-eyed and crazy-for-blondes people on there, etc. Anyway, we were looking for people to teach and visiting some addresses when all of the sudden we saw a reallly pretty view, right on the lake! We decided to knock and Maurício answered the door, jovially, and let us in. We met his cousin, Cleusa, and they were both smoking and having a grand ´ol time. We taught about the Book of Mormon (we were short on time) and it was powerful - they felt the Spirit. We then invited Cleusa to pray and she did, very well! As she prayed, she said that that morning, she had prayed to know God´s truth and what He wanted from her. She started to cry in the prayer and the Spirit was strong. She then, after ending the prayer, came over and KISSED ME on the cheek! AAAAHHHH!!!! I was NOT expecting that, and she was pretty forward, but it was ok. The next day, we came back and Maurício had read a LOT in the BOM!


So many great experiences, but we´ve gotta go. Love you all and I know that everything we teach is true.

Elder Brown

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