Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi everyone,

We got to go to the temple today!!! It was awesome! We all got there at around
8:30 and we got to study the scriptures and be interviewed by President at the temple while waiting for the noon session. There wasn´t enough time for my comp. and I to be interviewed so we were interviewed afterwards. It was such a great spiritual recharge, and I received some great advice.
To answer a worried Mothers questions:

  • Do you need toothpaste? Floss?

We´re good. It´s not too expensive here, and I try to brush my teeth at least twice a week. Just kidding. Three times.

  • Anything else? Tylenol? shoes are slowly dying because of all the rain and old age. I reeeeally don´t want to buy new ones, but...we´ll see. I´ll wear ´em to the road and use them for as long as I can.

  • Tell me about your most spiritual experience of the week in your main letter

The interview with Maria. I think that was probably one of, if not the most spiritual experience of my entire life. She´s from the Ala Autódromo (my second area!) and she´s the Bishop´s mom! (the Bishop, José Antônio, has been a member for 3 years. He´s the man.). I came to do the interview, already knowing her a little bit. We started up the interview, everything normal. Then we started talking about Joseph Smith, the Restoration, etc. and she got a little indecisive in her wording. I had a hunch (Spirit) and asked if she had prayed to know. She said she had, but that she felt like something was stopping her from knowing. I explained, knowing full well that it was a little strange, about how Joseph Smith was almost not able to survive before the First Vision because of Satan, and she said she felt the same way. I retaught her how to pray and invited her to pray, right then, to know, using those exact words. She started praying, and she wasn´t able to say anything other than "não consigo...não consigo" (I can´t do it). I have never, ever prayed like I prayed then in my life. I was physically and spiritually working so that she could receive the courage and power to pray, to ask and receive and answer. I felt Satan battling with the Spirit, and I willed the Spirit to help her. There were several times, in about 20 minutes of praying, when I thought about stopping, just giving up (Satan), but we didn´t. She stopped and re-started about 5 times, and by then I was sweating and shaking from staying on my knees so long. BUT, she finally did it! She asked if it was true, and we waited for a few seconds. She cried. She sayed she finally felt peace. I testified of the SPirit and it´s role in our conversion. She´ll stay strong. That´s the spiritual experience of the week, other than the awesome temple, as always.

  • Who did you teach this week?

People, mostly. Because of the lack of time, we taught Errolflinn (yeah, he´s a gay, drug-using, drinking, crazy, 70-year-old-woman-kissing guy that wants to be baptized. Yeah. The mission.), Élcio, Rosa and her family of 6, Jaime and Roseli, Manoel, Luis, Terezinha, Lurdes...and a lot of other first lessons. Great week!

  • What did you learn/ pray for in the Temple?

I prayed to know how I could best forget myself and love my mission, really enjoy it and not just endure. I felt, again, the same answer that I have been receiving for a year and a half - Love one Another. It´s true. If I don´t change, I´ll keep getting the same answer. But I will change! I will forget myself and go to work! I don´t have to be the best, I just have to be me and do my best! I also prayed to know if the Lord was accepting my serving as a missionary. I know that He is, and that I can do even better. That is very comforting.

  • When I pray for you, what can I pray for?

Pray that people that we teach, by the power of the Spirit, feel the desire to go to church, and that my comp. and I can teach effectively and a lot! And for Élcio especially - he´s getting married soon.

  • Are you completely healthy? Do you have any issues with the food/ water etc?

I´m doing really well! I´m losing a lot of weight because we´re running in the morning and playing soccer, and I´m eating less at lunch. My pants don´t really fit anymore, but I´ll wait to get new ones until after the mission.

(thanks, Mom, for your love and concern)

Other things:
- Élcio fell and bruised his rear. He showed it to us, too. It´s black.
- there was a member that prayed to Joseph Smith. Great.
 - There was this REALLY crazy drunk  gay guy (not Errolflinn, another guy) that was hitting on us. After he saw that we weren´t, um, interested, he kissed my hand. Really hard and passionate. Ech.
- we made these plastic poncho things. Fun.

I know that He lives. I know that He loves us. This is the
church of Jesus Christ.
Elder Brown

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