Monday, October 25, 2010

What a week!

As it says above, it has been quite a week.
Bullet points, to start this stuff out:

- I did an interview for a lady named Karla in Autódromo, my second area. She has been receiving the lessons for a while and she was just struggling a little to know that she really was ready to be baptized. Last week I challenged her to be baptized on the 24th, but she felt that she was a little more ready a little faster than we thought she would be. BUT, she said she still didn´t know that the BOM is true. I challenged her to pray in that second and that she would know - she cried. I saw someone receive an answer. It was amazing. There isn´t another feeling like it. She was baptized.

- We were walking on the train tracks (our area has a huge train station that ships stuff everywhere) and we ran into some drug dealers, who happened to be at that moment on Cloud 9, if you´re picking up what I´m laying down, yo. They were actually really happy to see us and as we got their addresses, they asked if we were the cops. They were pleased to find out that we were not. So were we.

- There was this crazy swarm of little ants with wings all over the city - it´s like there was some mass breeding and they came out. They all went towards the lights and it was gross/cool.

- we were knocking a dog and this huge dog came out of the corner, just looking at me and Elder Pettegrew. Elder had a lot of dogs before the mission, so he promptly began to tickle the dogs chin, in a half-mocking way. I saw the look of utmost hate and bitterness coming from the dog, but he couldn´t do anything about it. It was hilarious.

- there was this guy walking down the street really fast, punching the air and making growling noises. He was weird.
So, these were more of the semi-pro things that happened. Now for the bigger stuff>

- we have marked about 15 baptismal dates in this last week! It´s awesome! We just leave the house with a little more faith, believing that we´ll be able to find people, and the Lord provides. Now we just need to help these people progress until Exaltation.

---THE BLITZ!!! So in a few areas close to us, the Elders are lacking a lot of people to teach and it´s been frustrating for them because they´re actually trying, just not getting a lot of material success. We decided to get all the Elders and go to that one area and work there for a few hours and find some new people. It was awesome!!! We were able to teach, in 2 1/2 hours, around 10 first lessons, several familes and mark 8 baptismal dates, as well as a slew of contacts. We challenged the Elders to be just like
Moroni - a challenge we all received from Presidente Cordon - and I can sincerely say that we all felt like him for that time. We got back afterwards, talked about the succes, and filled out the Teaching Records for each person, then gave them, with days to go back and follow up, to the Elders from that area. Whoever had the best/most detailed Teaching Record got a prize and whoever taught the most lessons, marked the most dates, did the most contacts, got other prizes. We had a quick testimony meeting and it was cool - there were a few problems with people in districts and such but they were all figured out. All in all, a success and we want to do it in every area here. Some other things that happened during the 2 1/2 hours: 1. we (my comp. and I) went to the richest part of the area to knock some doors down, but no one was home. We said a prayer to find someone and then we were able to at least meet with some people, but no one could meet with us. Then, after a few minutes, we found two people (who live on the street) making out on the grass. We decided to interrupt and them teach them, and they accepted a baptismal date. Also, as we were heading back to the chapel, there was one guy who only had 10 minutes to hear a message. We were leaving the message with him and it was going well, and then I started to say the First Vision. As I said it (his eyes were closed to focus on his feelings, not his surroundings), his dog starting biting me. In the crotch. (sorry for any females who read this). It was awkward, but we were able to mark a date with him too. Then, as I got up to go, I put on my backpack, and as I reached down to pull up the strap with my left hand, I felt something wet. The dog´s poop. Yes Dad, I have now been pooped on. Trumped, I believe. Enfim, the Blitz was awesome.

- I got separated from my comp for 30 minutes! We were deciding to get or not get another bus and he ended up jumping out right as the doors shut. It was terrifying (it was this morning), but we´re ok.

This week has been great. I hope all weeks will be this way, and I know they can if I´m obedient, work, love, etc.

Love you all, more than you know. It´s true - the good stuff, at least.
Elder Brown

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