Wednesday, February 10, 2010

quick update


Hi everyone; don´t have too much time so I´ll just write the basics.

First of all, I found out something about fasting in the mission: it´s very hard. We walked in the heat and on the hills in Boa Vista during our fast and it was heck. We got a lot done, but parched isn´t a good enough word. That night, I literally had to fight my body from getting water.

The next day, Sunday, I proceeded to have the craziest day of my mission at church. There were literally about 50 things to do, and neither the Bishop or the WML were there to help. Basically, let´s just say that fasting while doing all these things was difficult, and a major test of faith. One thing I have learned, though, is that blessings and miracles DO happen when we show our Heavenly Father our devotion and dedication.

We had 4 people baptized this last week!!! Eduardo, Liliane, David, and Guilherme were baptized and it felt amazing. I literally felt the selfish feelings of the fast leaving my body as I baptized three of them, and Elder LeBaron the other. It was a marvelous experience and I´ve never felt the power of fasting and sacrifice like that before, neither the feelings and rewards that it brings.

We don´t have anyone marked for baptism for this week (yet) because a lof of dates fell because people didn´t go to church. BUT, we are praying a lot and yesterday we taught 8 lessons and the day before 7 - we´re on a roll.

Elder LeBaron and I are getting along great and the work is rolling. We have a goal to baptize 10 more people this month, and we might even pass that.

I love you all and want you all to know that I KNOW that this really is the true church. Jesus is the Christ. He WANTS us to be happy and succeed! We just have to do our part.

Really the mission isn´t hard; it´s very simple. Serve, obey, love, work. These things are simple to do and I´m doing each one the best I can.

Love you all so much,
Elder Brown

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  1. I love when Jacob said that Jesus Christ wants us to be happy and succeed. Love it!