Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quase Natal!! AII!!

Quase Natal!! AII!!

Oi gente,

This week has been a little more than crazy. With all the choir performances we´ve had, it´s been difficult to work full days and feel good about the stuff we did, but I know this is only a small part of the year and we´ll miss it when it´s gone.

I´ve begun to learn about other aspects of the mission, namely transfers and people leaving to go home, etc. It´s really kind of strange when you get to know someone well and develop a great friendship, and then the next week they´re back in the states, their two years done. It really does pass by faster than I even thought it would.

Portuguese is coming. Thank goodness for the awesome gift of Tongues. Without it, this would be a funny (or rather, funnier) experience.

I´m going to be in Santa Felicidade for another transfer with Elder Duarte, and we´re really excited to continue the work here. We have one goal: divide the ward!!! We´ve baptized 4 people (more than was in the rest of the previous year) and have more on the way. It really is a blessing to be in a place where people get baptized, not somewhere like China where Jesus Christ was just some guy who lived in Jerusalem.

I want to thank the members of the Alpharetta Ward (or whatever it´s called now after the division) for the totally awesome package and notes. I will definitely be needing to walk more after eating all that chocolate and using all the chapstick. Also, we don´t have a microwave, so maybe that could be the next present. Just kidding; please don´t send a microwave. Thanks again!

One thing is especially interesting about the mission: you really learn to deal with rejection like never before, with all the people telling you to die and burn in heck (has only happened once), having the neighbor´s dog actually try to rip out your jugular vein, and the like. I´m sure dates will be easy after the rejections here.

I have a testimony about this gospel. I know He lives. NEVER deny that, any of you! ALWAYS do your best and you´ll never have any regrets. Keep on going and things will always improve - we just need a good attitude, hard work, and a smile.

Fogo nos ossas, e Feliz Natal por todos!
Elder Brown

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