Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Week 4!

I was in the temple today, which was amazing, and I had several thoughts;
first, I´ve learned better how to pray here. I pray three times at night: once in Português, once for my family/companion/district, and once for me. This has really helped me have the Spirit more, and I love being close to the Lord.
Anyway, using that rubric, I prayed in the Celestial room about the usual things.

Then, I thought of something: we saw a presentation by Richard G. Scott last night and I was impressed with how spiritual he was. I thought, I wonder what I could do to feel like that, to have the Spirit that strong! As I thought in that room, I had an overwhelming feeling that whatever happens, all I have to do is trust in the Lord and what He wants for me. I know that He wants me to be great, as do you and Dad and I. I also know now that even though it might be a little presumptuous, why shouldn´t we shoot for the moon? Why shouldn´t we try to live like the Apostles of the Lord? If we live like them, wouldn´t that qualify us to be like they are? I think so. I also believe it´s a process - you can´t just be really good one day and then take 10 years off, that´s not how it works.

Enduring to the end is a process, not a sprint. I´ve learned that through enduring and living with a smile (not just enduring with a grimace) we will be blessed.
I love this gospel. I love all of you. I know that it is true and that He lives.

PLEASE get your friends to write :)
I pray for you daily, and I know you do for me.

Elder Brown

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